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Telstra outages

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  • Telstra outage was not a cyber attack
  • Telstra backs away from cyber attack claims after widespread internet outages
  • Hackers cause Telstra outages in Australia’s eastern states with ‘malicious’ cyber attack
  • Telstra internet outage attributed to cyber attack
  • Cyber attack downs Telstra network, affecting thousands of internet users
  • Construction workers blamed for internet blackout in Melbourne's east
  • 'Losing sales left, right and centre': Telstra outage wipes out card payments for Aussie businesses
  • Telstra 'sorry' for outage which retailers say will cost them $100m
  • Massive Telstra blackout hits ATMs
  • ATM and Eftpos services went down across Australia on Thursday — and it looks like Telstra is to blame
  • Telstra blamed for EFTPOS terminal, ATM outages
  • Major Telstra outage sees bank eftpos, ATM and real-time payments go down
  • Telstra outage: EFTPOS machines and ATMs down across Australia
  • Customers complain of eftpos outages as banks and Telstra investigate
  • Telstra outage: EFTPOS machines and ATMs down across the country
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